green is the only colour

I’m all over green .. it’s my favourite colour. But as far as my sewing adventures go, it’s the only colour and that’s due to my new acquisition – the Janome 9200D overlocker.

A thing of beauty and a source of pain. After three hours learning how to change the threads on the darn thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything should be overlocked in green and will be fully cementing our relationship before venturing into other hues.

I happened upon the Hemingway Designs fabric range in the John Lewis January sales. Back then, I was drowning in calico samples, so buying two and a half metres of ‘Green Tulips’ felt like an aspirational step too far. But fast forward four months and I’ve made a dress I would happily paint the town green in. With my predilection for all things A-line, the Simplicity 1609 1960’s vintage dress pattern was a natural first choice.

In light of numerous adjustments to my A-line skirt, I cut on a size 14 which resulted in far less alterations to my toile – a smidge off the shoulders, side seams and a fraction added to the hip. I also lowered the neck but this was purely a stylistic preference.

My college course is coming to an end and this dress pretty much encapsulates my learning to date: seams; darts; interfacing, facing, under-stitching, zips, overlocking, hems and patterns demystified. I’m soon to start sailing this ship alone, hence the blog and a desire to connect with fellow stitchers. Green may be the colour of envy and greed but for me it’s emblematic of new beginnings and what promises to be my most enduring relationship to date.

16 thoughts on “green is the only colour

  1. I don’t think it matters about the overlocking on the inside seams and as you have a preference for dark, strong colours, green as an overlock feature on the front of the garment would look good with any vibrant colour. As for the threading of the machine, my friend got an hours free tuition from the local shop she bought hers from. Sew on!

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  2. Sew on Terri! I love it. I think you are right about the overlocking thread and I went for dark green rather than black as it’s softer. I was thinking I would have to take it back to the shop but I persevered and got there in the end. I think I would be able to re-thread it again but am in no rush! Are you working on anything at the moment or are plans stalled until you get the fabric for your rock and roll number?


  3. I’m never working on ‘anything’ more ‘everything’ and at the same time! My sewing machine sits off centre stage on the dining room table unless I have a Scrabble group coming. I am rehashing a dress I got from a charity shop at the moment and making an underskirt for my full circle dance skirt. With stitch length on 2 and zigzag on same, I hemmed a chiffon dress with my plastic sewing foot. The zigzag pulls the material into what then looks like a fine line – thus no bulk at the hemline. Practise, practise.

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    1. Blimey! I can see where I get it from – wish I wasn’t so late to the party but everything in it’s own time I guess. I’m here now and here to stay. So many adventures to be had and sewing skills to be shared.


  4. Looks bloomin’ fantastic! I really need to blow off the dust on my brother sewing machine and get started! Looks like my passion for seeing is resurfacing thanks to you xx

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    1. Thanks so much. I’m pretty new to sewing and completely new to the blogosphere so your encouragement is very welcome indeed! Might you try the pattern out? I’m having a crack at Victory’s Madeleine skirt next – think it’s going to take me a while to get the top stitching and buttonholes down with my ancient but beloved Jones machine.

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  5. This is a beautiful dress and I love the colour and pattern. I don’t have many green dresses……!!! Might have to do something about that!! 💚


    1. Thank you amanda and thank you for the follow. I’m new to sewing and blogging and am loving the idea of being inspired and hopefully one day inspiring other stitchers. I have been looking at your blog and you have used some gorgeous fabrics too. I’m a big fan of vintage clothes so hoping to skill up and make some creations I can dance in.

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      1. Hello, the person who inspired me the most when I started blogging was The Sew Convert. Have a google of her with a coffee and your feet up!!!! Oh she has the most beautiful clothes..very vintage styled. She inspired me to make the lace Trenchcoat which got me my place on ❤️#GBSB!! I also love The Glamorous Housewife who has an amazing wardrobe and accessories too. Enjoy!! X

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