whatever your notion

Since I took up sewing, time has been neatly carved into two: time spent sewing and time spent doing everything else I have to do before I can sew.

You know that scene in Trainspotting, when Renton gets all his stock in before embarking on a bender … well that’s how it is with me these days. And what do you need before hunkering down for a sewing lock-in ….. notions. What a word – a sure fire contender for the word tin I used to carry around as a child. I knew how to make friends and influence.

The Moor Market is my new playground and excellent for a fabric and notion trawl. I discovered Sheffield’s own material girl Grace down there, on a hunt for denim. She graciously answered my ‘Are you new?’ by informing me she has been trading on the market for a mere 25 years. Despite my faux pas, I’m confident this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship. I also popped into Sew-Rite for some zips, cotton, overlocking thread and a couple of metres of interfacing. Whatever your notion – they’ve got it.

My work colleague, Carol, with previous in the fashion industry, has very kindly furnished me with some denim top stitching thread. So I’m notion filled and good to go for my new project: the Victory Madeleine skirt. Wish me luck!




4 thoughts on “whatever your notion

  1. I’ll be sending you a small sample of black lace trim that I can no longer get hold of in case the bursting to the SEAMS market stall has anything similar. You are so lucky having that on your doorstep.

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  2. Great. Love that button. I often sew another smaller button in the centre of a button to give a cardi or dress that individual look. Crystal buttons are very in at the moment but I’ve been using them for some time to make the ordinary look glam.

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    1. You are my inspiration Terri… On both the word and sewing front! Thanks for following and your input… Maybe you’ll have to start a blog of your own with all your up cycled creations! Xx


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