this one goes out to the one I love

I’m not going to lie, Dress T from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s ‘Stylish Dress Book: Wear With Freedom’ has been no walk in the park for me. An uneasy introduction into the world of Japanese smocks – Losing My Religion wrestling with the succinct minimalism of its instruction. On reflection, all the requisite steps are outlined if you follow the embellishment free prose to the letter. I learnt this the hard way but like a reluctant filly, I now feel well and truly broken in.

In fabric choice, I stayed true to the stylings portrayed within its pages having stumbled upon some half price Ditsy Floral in the John Lewis sale. I’m really pleased with the results which are perfectly suited to a spot of bucolic ambling. However, I’m also keen to revert to my signature palette of bolder and brighter in future interpretations, inspired by Ivy Arch’s artful juxtaposition of pattern and colourways.

Talk About the Passion – I could wax lyrical about mine. It’s my propensity to use a hundred words where one beautifully crafted sentence would suffice. Breathing life into an antiquated Jones, acquiring a dismembered vintage doll’s head and enrolling on a part-time evening class in dressmaking – on such seemingly minor life events, my  universe has turned. As with any interest, it’s not the ‘thing’ itself …  it’s what the ‘thing’ brings into your life and for me the gifts are plentiful. In short, I’ve become one of those Shiny Happy People whose exuberance makes you want to stick pins in their eyes. And no one is more surprised at this than I.

As I’ve just invested in another ‘Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops’, with 26 more patterns enclosed within its pages, it looks like I’m going to be caught up in a Japanese smock loop for some time to come. But this one goes out to The One I Love. 2015 has been a defining year for me to date, for many reasons but most significantly one in which I’ve made a step change … nay a 360 degree turn. After widely denouncing romantic love in favour of the enduring rewards afforded by friendship and my increasingly all consuming hobbies, I’ve had cause to eat my words.

‘Only in Meersbrook’, 7 years in the making – I’ve come Perfect Circle to find myself At My Most Beautiful.

9 thoughts on “this one goes out to the one I love

  1. What a beautiful dress. Just goes to show that sometimes less is more. I love the picture in the window with the black leggings just peeping out. I’ve always said that I have a diverse selection of people in my wardrobes and would hate to be typecast. No danger of you falling into that category. Your a cama cama cama cama cama chameleon. I see you’ve also woven in references to R.E.M and their magic. I REMember them well.

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    1. Thank you!! It is a departure from my usual style but I’m liking it and looking forward to experimenting further with pattern and colour. REMembering them well – you are the original wordsmith you are 🙂 x


  2. great location choice! and brilliant fabric for your dress. I have never had much luck with the japanese books (i have a reminder of this in red silk upstairs). the shaping never worked for me in these books I have so I had to admit defeat and passed the books on. I am so very impressed with your dress, and the neckline fabric gives it so much definition, and it works so well with the leggings, good choice on the armhole binding……. well well done…..

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    1. Thank you so much! This one has been a real labour of love but I think its only because of the tricky yoke and that other patterns in the book will be much more straightforward. I can wear a smock as I’m really flat chested three sizes in one – lucky me – so they emphasise my slimness up top and hide my thighs! If you have more of a bust smocks can look quite tent like and that’s the feedback from most reviewers. So my wonky shape is in my favour for these patterns but pencil skirts and anything body con and I’m running for the hills. Really appreciate your kind words… I’m fabric shopping this weekend searching for brighter colours to experiment further x


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