find what you love and let it kill you

Validating your opposition to my choices with conventional norms- you’d be hard pressed to push my buttons more. I’m proud to hail from the loins of a non-traditionalist: cake for breakfast, drilling in the early hours – doing whatever the hell you like, whenever you like (so long as it causes no harm). I’m my mother’s daughter through and through.

It’s surprising then, that it’s taken me so long to fully embrace the advantages of imbuing my living space with my passions. Since my love affair with stitch began, I’ve been hankering after A Room of One’s Own – a fabric and notion filled refuge from the everyday. I was hampered by the misconception that a house is not a home, without being able to accommodate guests at a moment’s notice. That I should own a dining table, flanked with chairs and breeze seamlessly between zones designated for specific activities.

With my sewing paraphernalia secreted away, a session with the Jones involved bringing them into the open – day in and day out. Until the revelatory moment I realised I was not a 1950’s housewife – I lived alone, accountable to no-one – and that if everything was to hand, every spare sewing moment could be utilised.

Jumper Dress G from Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops was an experiment and I’m not entirely convinced with the success of the outcome. On an Abakhan fabric trawl – unable to get sufficient quantities of my fabric of choice – I opted for a mash up. Whilst I find the colourways complimentary, the juxtaposition of opposing front and back panels verges on the Frankensteinian. However, the pattern itself is a dream to follow and I’ll definitely be re-visiting with a heavier fabric of one hue. If you’re tempted to try it for size, avoid tent-like results by focusing on the key measurement at the bust when tracing off your pattern.

Having resisted converting my living space for far too long, I’ve now fully succumbed and my mantra from hereonin is Bukowski derived.

8 thoughts on “find what you love and let it kill you

  1. your set up looks so elegant and classy – fabulous – its like an elle interior spread! good mix of colours in the dress, I really like the utilitarian shape of the dress and will have to take your word on the fabric weights (as I have gotten caught out on them before). Hope the singer machine can slot into your sewing space – it will have a lot of competition from that cool blue jones.

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    1. You are very kind 🙂 I moved into this flat when I was unemployed and completely broke so more or less everything was salvaged or given to me. Luckily my tastes are from another era, so I am very happy to be surrounded by furniture from a bygone age! I got a call from the man who is servicing the Singer machine today and he says it’s all ready to go and is in very good condition. I’m so excited – just waiting for it to be picked up for me as I don’t drive. It’s nowhere as beautiful as the Jones, who will always be dear to my heart as it’s the machine I first made anything on, apart from my school days. But the zig zag and button hole functions don’t work and I’ve been hankering after these to take my ‘Wrong Doll’ concept a bit further. I have high hopes for my Singer 538 – fingers crossed! x


  2. I love the blue ditsy print smock dress. Refreshing to see that you are not blinkered in expressing concern about the mash up tunic. I’ve always found that heavy material needs some sort of shaping/darting to prevent the bunched up effect, on sitting, at the waist area. Experiment and see what you discover, a great way to make progress and your progress from the start of your story in stitch has been amazing.

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    1. Thank you so much Terri! That’s what so great about doing the blog – I can see how I’ve progressed from my initial calico samples into actual wearable items. So I’m determined not to let unanticipated outcomes get me down and am re-framing them as learning opportunities – I’ve had loads of them 🙂 Already finished another smock but not had time to blog about it – it’s my favourite to date so I look forward to seeing what you think of it x


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