does she like bright colours?


Another day … another smock. Having two Stylish Dress Books in my possession and 52 patterns at my disposal, the permutations are endless. However, whilst ultimately rewarding, the initial spade work involved for each new pattern – tracing and transferring to pattern paper – verges on the arduous. So, I couldn’t resist the allure of tried and tested when it came to this frog adorned fabric from John Lewis.

Revisiting Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom’s Dress E was pure indulgence. Having pre-cut pattern pieces to size and demystified the beautifully succinct instructions first time around, assemblage was a dream. I changed it up a tad with a pattern mash up – substituting the pockets with Dottie Angel’s glorious imaginings and extending the length, including Yoshiko’s capped sleeves for good measure.

Ruminating on the the assumptions I and others make on a daily basis fascinates me. On buying this fabric, ‘Does she wear bright colours?’, caught me on the back foot for a second. And then the light bulb moment – she thinks I’m buying fabric to make clothes for my child. A quick re-wind and she waxes at length at her own predilection for ‘quirky’. My choice in clothes and colourways, has led people to deduce all sorts about my character and personality – most of which are misplaced. But if your assumption aligns with the John Lewis assistant then you would be correct:

Does she like bright colours? Yes, she does.

7 thoughts on “does she like bright colours?

  1. I adore that fabric, its really very subtle -( I used work in a shop where the dress code was all black, to the point that on my days off I wore any colour but black – sometimes wearing black is not so much edgy, but more the same-y,). Great cut on the dress, it looks very comfortable and so flattering (that fabric looks so soft and drapey). One thing i have always liked about sewing is there is a myriad of choice

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    1. Thanks for the kind words as always. I thought the design was subtle too – funny that the assistant thought it suitable for a child – it didn’t occur to me until she said it! It’s true what you say about the myriad of choice – one pattern can be transformed over and over by the fabric and colours you choose. I’ve totally gone off buying clothes from shops now – everything looks so limited when I think of all the creative options available to me. I just wish I had more time to devote to my passion – life keeps getting in the way!


  2. Oh I do love your latest creation. From a distance the pattern looks floral. It’s such a feminine number and the co-ordinating tights, tee and socks bring it all together beautifully. Delightful!

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