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I’m a sucker for a high-waisted skirt and when it comes to scoring the goods Megan Neilson is my go-to indie designer. Possessing a figure spaning three sizes, I’ve a predilection for patterns with one key measurement and the Brumby has long been top of my wish list. It begs to be fashioned from denim and features contrasting top-stitching options a plenty.

The instructions were clear and simple and I was hampered only by inexperience and my propensity for protracted sewing stints. 10 hours into last Sunday’s sewalong, I realised I had attached the beautifully contoured waistband the wrong way round.

Whilst there was no pacifying my black mood at midnight, by Tuesday evening I had re framed my mistake as an opportunity to learn how to do something in a different way. I also came to appreciate the benefits of a staged approach, which I will endeavour to adopt in future:

sew, eat, sew, drink, sew, engage in a non sewing related activity …

as opposed to

sew, sew, sew, sew, sew, sew … MELTDOWN.

When it comes to patterns, I’ve been told I’ve got a good eye for what suits me. But in terms of social and I don’t mean the face to face IRL kind – it’s been a tad more tricky to find my feet. When you grew up in a world devoid of computers and mobiles, the proliferation of platforms on which you can share your wares is both over and underwhelming.

I have a Twitter account for work but the idea of composing a steady stream of pithy and concise sewing-related content leaves me cold. Similarly, I have a personal Facebook page but have resisted setting up another – the idea of posting on multiple pages enough to instigate a bout of option paralysis.

Finally I stumbled across Instagram – a medium which suits my temperament and craft. It’s a quick injection of aspirational visuals and the easiest way to be sought and seek out like minded creatives. Whilst I crave the isolation of a sewing lock-in, I’m also drawn to community and connection – albeit at a remove. So, a big thank you to @mabel2704, @mariangravemaker, @lindaabing, @magdalensmuse, @lollystitches, @lydiamaria1945, @thegephartgirl, @yellingpig, @iheartzombieunicorns and @leemac36 – my 10 most engaged followers courtesy of Iconosquare.

And a huge thank you to The Up Sew who (with the notable exception of my mother) has been my staunchest follower and kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster. The Liesbster Award is a lovely way bloggers acknowledge and spread the word about like-minded individuals. As a recipient, I’m tasked with: posting the award on my blog, thanking my nominator and answering their 10 questions, asking 10 questions of my nominees and notifying them of the award. So here goes …

what persuaded you to start a blog


favourite piece of advice you have been given

content not followers

what is a favourite make (any medium)


best or worst sewing habit

sewing lock-ins

most useless sewing gadget in your collection

ornamental vintage sewing machine

what would be your ‘dream’ make 

an everyday tutu

who taught you or inspired you, to sew/make: 

my mum and Tracey Holland

favourite cartoon character: 

olive oyl

favourite piece of music: 

scored music from the Hal Hartley film Amateur

I’ve nominated the bloggers below by way of a thank you for your support and encouragement. I’m sure you are already award replete and probably have more followers than is required to be named but I figured when it comes to the Liebster, it’s a spirit of the thing kind of thing.

Angela from Looks Like I Made It

Shauni from The Magnificent Thread

Sophie from hettie brown 

Hannah from Mousie Makes

and now for my perfect 10:

  • what/who inspired you to create
  • motivations to write a blog
  • introvert or extrovert
  • creative conundrums keeping you up at night
  • favourite make
  • least favourite make
  • fabric of choice
  • favoured patterns/designers
  • pivotal moment on your creative journey
  • if money were no object …





12 thoughts on “perfect fit

  1. love the laconic answers! and have not watched a hal hartley film in ages – must look up that music (henry fool was a fave film, must check out some of his recents). that outfit is a great blend, the waistband and gathers perfection!…. beginning to think of the maud cowl/neckwarmer/snook as a girls in the hood look. fantastic.


  2. HA -that word totally sums up my answering approach – I was at a loss at what to write until I decided to embrace concision. Hal Hartley is my ALL time favourite film director – his ensemble actors, the scripts, the direction – he’s one on his own. I’m really pleased with the skirt as it almost made the bin when I realised my waistband error. But then I dug down deep and played the long game – after a few hours unpicking, it was back to basics, stage by stage. Next step is to make a few Maude cowls and test the waters to see if they sell. If not, me and David have another scarf each so it’s a win win whatever the outcome! Thanks Eimear 🙂


  3. I love your style and you do have a fabulous eye for perfect patterns. You inspire me to sew more for myself and more importantly see what I like not what I think others will accept. You rock. 😊

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    1. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. I remember back at school in sewing class I chose a hideous pattern which took me all term to finish and never saw the light of day. When I took up sewing last year I remembered the advice someone gave me about allotmenting: plant something you want to eat! X


    1. Thanks Hila. It really is worth a road test as it’s such a straight forward and satisfying make – as long as you put the waistband on the right way! The pockets are lovely and there’s a clever tip for gathering thicker materials with string zig zagged into a temporary casing which I really liked. I reckon it would really suit you.. Look forward to seeing your interpretation x

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  4. I love the way the gathers sit so well below the waistband without any bunching. Being a charity shop ‘sourcerer’ and from second hand to new make – I’ve cheated. If a dress or skirt is gathered, I keep the originals in if possible and work around it. I bought a gathering foot which is helpful if you don’t want too full a gather but yours are just perfect with clever spacing. The patience you must have had in all the unpicking! Very well accessorized as is your forte. Maude’s found a diverse platform. I always called her ‘Head Girl’ and now she’s ahead by a neck ……….X

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    1. Ahead by a neck- priceless! Thank you Terri – gathering with string made it so much easier but I must admit when it comes to gathering my patience wears thin.. Maybe I should invest in a foot. I was looking at feet for my machine last night and the choice is plentiful. This was a great make and has convinced me that gathering is achievable for me, especially if I adopt the staged approach xx


  5. Love your Brumby skirt. It’s one of those patterns I hadn’t previously considered, but the way you’ve styled it really makes it shine – thank goodness for blogs for inspiration or I’d never make anything! Thank you so much for nominating me for a Liebster and congratulations on yours 🙂 Will be plotting the answers to my questions for my next post! x

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    1. Thank you Shauni! Lovely feedback and thank you so much for supporting me on my sewing journey. I look foward to reading about what sewing conundrums keep you awake at night! And seeing what you make next – I love your style and that bag – there are no words! x


  6. Before you buy a gathering foot, I have only used mine on very fine fabric so not sure how the gathering would work on your favorite denim. I’ll have a go with some thicker material and let you know how it goes before you buy one;you may be better off with the ruffler foot. x

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