maude for sale

To visit my fledgling shop, please click on the link below:

How much for the doll’s head? It’s not for sale she said … but then I wore her down with my enthusiasm and for a few pounds, maude came into my possession and a dream was born. Fast forward a couple of years and here she is – transferred onto fabric and incorporated into a design of my own making.

I’m not expecting an influx of enquiries. I’m fully aware my tastes in dolls’ heads has niche appeal. And that’s the thing about taste – it’s completely subjective. So it saddens me, when individuality is so often met with resistance rather than celebration. What drives the tendency towards homogeneity?

I’ve had the recent misfortune to be in unconversation with someone, who when I volunteered new interests and passions, felt the need to repeatedly assert their opposite view. There’s avenues a plenty in life for challenging debate but for me that’s not a conversation or what I’m seeking over a sandwich and a catch up.

If we’re truly happy with our own life choices, why not greet an alternative approach with curiosity rather than instant dismissal. A conversation can be an opportunity to move closer to another by appreciating life from their vantage point. However, to converse we need to listen, rather than utilise the gaps to formulate responses which validate our own opinions.

Good listening is definitely a work in progress for me. I’m all to quick to enthusiastically jump in, when I perceive I might have encountered a like minded soul. And I have to remind myself that a turn taking hijack is still not listening, even if it’s well intentioned.

Still I’m gentle on myself – when you’ve been on the fringes so long, finding your tribe can be overwhelming. I started this blog to connect with fellow stitchers and thinkers and through Instagram I’ve discovered a world of niche – there’s a whole sub genre of #vintagedollface aficionados out there – who knew?

Maude was never going to be for sale – she was my personal plaything and on the dismembered doll head front, I was prepared for scant fellowship. So, it’s heartening to find that my tastes are not as singular as I thought. Encouraged by a select number of enthusiastic followers, I’ve created a Big Cartel shop to sell a limited number of wrong doll creations.

Take a look if you fancy flouting my wears and embracing your inner non-conformist. And if you don’t, I won’t be in the least bit offended. I’m very happy for maude to remain an anti commodity and keep me and him sorted in neckware for the forseable. 

maude for sale

16 thoughts on “maude for sale

  1. So happy for you! It’s inspiring that you have a clear vision/style and design to sell. I’ve always thought about making something to sell but never quite found my niche.
    Also I totally agree on your point about being on the fringes of finding a tribe – it took me so long to happen upon dressmaking as a hobby, so it was really encouraging to find a whole ‘tribe’ of other sewists/dressmakers online too! x

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  2. Ahh thank you for the lovely feedback Shauni! I’m not sure how many things I will make to sell – it’s definitely not a driving force. I’m much more interested in the creative process – making and wearing my own clothes. It’s also really lovely to make presents for friends. This scarf was a bit time consuming to make so I think I’ll go for something a lot simpler next. It’s just nice to have the infrastructure of a shop there regardless of whether I sell anything. Like starting the blog – these thing to take ages to set up don’t they. Instagram has been a big incentive and source of encouragement for me and the support of fellow bloggers like your very good self. Thank you xx


  3. Congratulations on the opening of your shop!!! I am so excited for you! And I definitely can relate to your blog post, as well as your work. I find that I am more wiling to march to my own beat more and more as I get older, and willing to be open-minded to those that do the same, even if their interests are not the same as mine. It is amazing to find so many like-minded vintage doll enthusiasts, isn’t it? But very gratifying too and I am fascinated by them. They are, after all, artifacts of history, as any vintage item is.

    I can’t wait to see what’s next for our girl Maude!!

    Sending very best wishes,


    1. What lovely words Betty… Thank you so very much. Age brings its challenges but also its blessings doesn’t it. It’s a relief to embrace my own idiosyncratic slant and I think integral to that is finding like minded souls. Thank you for your support – it is much appreciated and valued xx


  4. The shop is a really good platform to introduce Maude and the items she adorns. I saw the denim bag you made on instagram and it’s beautiful. A labour of love judging by the amount of pattern pieces involved. You certainly have patience as well as great skill. You also wear Maude very well! x

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      1. Thank you Terri – I actually think David wears Maude better – couldn’t believe how much it suited him when he first put it on! I’m not sure how many things I will make but it’s good to have the infrastructure there and if no one wants to buy a Maude, I’ll gift them as presents so it’s a win-win 🙂 x


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