who made my clothes?

Whilst i’m no stranger to thrift shopping and have been fashioning my own wardrobe for almost a year now, it’s fair to say that I have often been quite ignorant to the origins of my purchases. To be honest, I’m quite ignorant of a lot of things that are happening in the world.

I haven’t had a TV for more than a decade and I am woefully politically unaware. It’s not that I don’t care – it’s just that there’s only so much my little head can deal with and when I do engage it’s usually on such an all encompassing scale, that I have to be selective about what I can usefully take on board.

This last week, I’ve been involved in a photo challenge over on Instagram, hosted by @inthefolds, to raise awareness of Fashion Revolution Week. Each day we’ve been given a theme to prompt thoughts, discussion and inspiration. Here’s a snapshot of my week – for the stories behind the pictures, head over to Instagram. You can discover what other people have been up to by searching on #whomademyclothes #imademyclothes #makersforfashrev #FashRev

Having recently adopted a plant based diet, I’ve become increasingly aware of the food I eat and its environmental impact. This campaign has coincided with an aspiration to live more mindfully and question the all pervasive status quo.  I’m not about to go off and live in cave – contemplating my navel and disassociating myself from society. I’m a city girl and when it comes to my home town of Sheffield, I embrace all there is to offer on its eclectic fringes.

I don’t intend to stop buying things either. Life is challenging and short and having wrestled with existential angst for far too long, I now try and find pleasure in the everyday. When it comes to my environment, I’m an advocate of William Morris – ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. However, now that I’ve opened up my eyes to the journey things have made before reaching my hands, my mind has shifted in terms of what I value.

The swansong of my week is a fourth attempt at Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Stylish Dress Book 2, Jumper Dress G, in glorious barkcloth. Last year I bought a stunning statement piece necklace from @bellesbejewelled and set myself the goal of making a dress, fitting of its pairing. The material was sourced from a late night ebay barkcloth trawl and I opted for this simple and yet elegant pattern to showcase the fabric design.

And so, I’ve come to the end of my first year of adventures in stitch – making my own handmade wardrobe and blogging about what I think about in the process. Whilst I’m certain that the answer to the question ‘who made my clothes?’ will be increasingly wrong doll-centric, I’m not entirely sure where the next year is going to take me. What I do know, is that my intention is to become a much more conscious consumer and approach future acquisitions with an enquiring mind.

10 thoughts on “who made my clothes?

  1. That is such a stunning necklace. It looks gorgeous paired with your new dress 💛

    I have to be careful of what I take on mind-wise, too. Being introverted and intuitive can sometimes backfire!

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    1. Ain’t that the truth Sarah! Thankfully I’ve worked myself out a lot as I’ve got older so I’m getting better at striking a balance that’s right for me. Thank you for the lovely feedback x


  2. Well, the dress and necklace were made for each other. Also you have my vote for your Green Revolution purses. Money dosen’t grow on trees but can live in a little green tree-house.


  3. Thank you Terri – I’m loving this barkcloth fabric and was wondering what to do with the remnants when I came up with the idea for purses. That’s my bank holiday weekend sorted 🙂 xx


  4. That yellow tree dress is really gorgeous, and an amazing necklace/piece! the who made my clothes campaign really make you think (or just shudder to think of the dreadful human and environmental cost for a few fripperies…), I just headed to instagram link re the check dress, its so lovely – must read the others…. may convert to instagram yet!

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  5. Thank you Eimear. I must admit I think I’ve peaked with this one – I haven’t been inspired to make anything since as I don’t think I could top it! Actually Fashion Revolution Week really got me thinking about why and what I want to sew and I’m rolling those thoughts around in my brain. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist those bargain bin craft cottons at Abakhan but I hope to be a lot more mindful in the future.


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