the fear

When Minerva Crafts offered me the chance to write another guest blog, I bit their hand off. To read about my proudest fabric and pattern pairing to date, here’s a link to the post. But if you’re all about the visuals, here she is:


13 thoughts on “the fear

  1. Just read your Minerva Crafts post – excellent – and an amazing dress! I too have sat for hours unpicking lightening stitch and accidentally punctured the fabric! You can’t backstitch with it on my machine, the fact that it is so hard to unpick probably negates the need for that! I’ve recently used iron on jersey interfacing and was really pleased with the result, I used it on the shoulders of a top as well as the sleeve and bottom hems. I bought it online but unfortunately can’t remember where from. Definitely worth a try. I’ve been on an overlocker course and thought I’d cracked it but then my machine seemed to defy me and I’ve never spoken to it since. 2017 needs to be the year that I overcome that hurdle.

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    1. Hello and thank you! Reassuring to know you feel my pain on the lightening stitch unpickery! I think it was the wrong stitch to use on this delicate fabric. Thankfully the gathering has hidden that little puncture and I can definitely live with it. I think I need to invest in some more iron on jersey interfacing and next time I’d use it around the neckline. Lets compare overlocking tips and progress in 2017! Happy holidays 🙂

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  2. Aimee I love this dress, I have looked at this pattern many times and wondered if i should add it to my basket! Glad you are not put off sewing with knits, I have a few scraps left of an iron-on knit stabiliser, (must buy more!) I find it makes knits easier to deal with around the neckline and sometimes if particularly thin fabric I will use on the hem too. Enjoy your masterclass in the new year, that sounds exciting.
    Louise x

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    1. Glad you like it Louise. I’d looked at the pattern for some time too and it was only when I saw this fabric that I decided to take the plunge and I’m glad I did. I think the knits fear will reduce incrementally due to practise. I’m just glad this is wearable and I didn’t totally trash the fabric in the learning process. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season x


  3. Lovely and swishy and lovely!!! I see you didn’t mention LSS (Long Straight Stitch), is that because you knew you’d have to pay me royalties? 😉
    Dress looks fab, can’t wait to see those pockets standing to attention! Any fabric in mind yet? xox

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    1. HA!! I did think about mentioning the LSS – you really made me laugh with that comment twinks. I wish I’d used that stitch over the gathering section and then zizagged over it instead of that pesky lightening stitch followed by all the unpicking in the world 😦 No fabric in mind yet and it might have to wait a while. Got an e-mail today to say patterns and fabric for my next threeminerva crafts projects are in the post so that should keep me well busy! See you in a bit xx


  4. I really love this version and I commend you for persevering with a knit. You really pulled it off. I think the serger course will be good, i did the same and it opened up my world to knits.
    Also I hate gathering, I really hate it and after years of practise and following many tutorials I still fall short every time. I believe practise is key. You have inspired me to make this pattern – I will track of down. Those pockets are killer!

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    1. Thank you Kate! I’m in love with the fabric and the drape and now the memory is fading, I’m almost ready to contemplate sewing with knits again. It’s not as scary as I thought but you do need a few techniques and tips up your sleeve. I’m glad to hear you feel my gathering pain – I feel less alone now:) And I can’t wait to see your version – you always do something so creative with your interpretations. Happy holidays 🙂 x


  5. Oh so beautiful and suitable for any age group. A pure classic and in my favourite hues – purple, pinks and blues. I’ve never chanced knits on the sewing machine but have had many a prolonged session sewing them by hand. I have the same problem with lace when making my rock and roll underskirts. It’s slow but sure which does it every time but the temptation to race on is hard to resist when dealing with yards and yards of material.

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  6. It’s a winner this one isn’t it Terri – thought you would like it. The colours are so warm and the fabric so drapey and luxurious. As for knits – I just need to knuckle down, practise and not be so focused on the end goal – easier said than done! I have some good sewing news by the way .. I have been invited to become a member of the Minerva Crafts Bloggers network (google it!). Each month I ask for the fabric and pattern I would like to make something and write a blog post for them in return, including a review of the products. How exciting – I’ve just received my first package for three months of projects – YAY! xxx


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