it’s a family affair

When I started sewing a few years ago, I set myself a couple of goals – to sneak my way into the pages of Love Sewing Magazine and join the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. I managed the former with my Kelly Skirt and I’m beyond pleased to say I’ve now achieved the latter. I’m an official sewing blogger and my first post is now live over on Minerva’s website. And if that is a hop and a jump too far, here are the visuals:

8 thoughts on “it’s a family affair

  1. those curved seams are perfection, and that thick fabric cannot have been easy to manipulate. its really perfect Aimee, and ‘neat as a pin’ as always (your snaps look so ‘tidy’) – dont know if you do the one diagonal stitch at a pivot point? I started doing this a few years ago and found it useful ( although I am thinking you probably know that one already). the asymmetric lines are brilliant. Looks so you!

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    1. Thank you so much Eimear. I promised this post would be about sewing! My it’s been a busy month. I’m really pleased with this – Ive had it on the whole weekend. At first I thought it too big but I’ve grown into it! The sew was easier than it looks although there were a few thickish sections to get through. I’ve not heard of the diagonal stitch at pivot points so I’ll definitely be trying that next time! Really appreciate the lovely feedback 🙂

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  2. Sleeveless coats have been all over the place for some time, but I’ve seen nothing like this in the mainstream. You have such a way of bringing art and theatre together in what you make and how you wear it. You really inhabit and give life to all your lovely creations. It’s been inspiring following you on your journey. XXX

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    1. It’s a great pattern isn’t it! I can’t believe it’s been discontinued. Thank you for the lovely words. I thought you might like this one and I actually wrote about sewing for once! Xx


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