pocket love

What is it about pockets?

And I know I’m not alone in this – every time some kick ass receptacles appear on Instagram, my people emerge. As I was finishing off my second Marcy Tilton Vogue 8813, it occurred to me, that my pocket love might stem from a subconscious desire to climb into their gargantuan folds and hide from the world.

My first attempt at this pattern was documented in a guest blog for Minerva Crafts and I’ve not much to add, except to say that I still hate gathering and will be avoiding any garment that involves this technique for the foreseeable. I’m particularly happy with the finish around the v-neck, as I used a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing to prevent any stretch from mishandling. If I were to make a third, I’d interface the areas which call for reinforcement too, as the notches weakened the fabric and got me reaching for some fray check.

It’s been a week where I haven’t been able to shy away from the fragility of existence and the reality that bad things happen to good people. I’ve been on the receiving end of glowing praise and harsh criticism, observing their opposing effects on my mental state. And I’ve sought comfort in wisdoms gleaned from Buddhist teachings – that everything is dependant related and lacks its own permanent, fixed identify. I’ve sat with uncomfortable feelings and when they’ve got too big to countenance, I’ve grabbed my trainers, took to the streets and worn them down.

At 43 I’m ripe for a mid life crises but thankfully I’m ahead of my time and got that emotional unravelling out of the way in my 20’s and 30’s. There’s been a radical shift in how I relate to myself and others but it’s one I embrace. However, change does not happen in a vacuum and comes with internal and external resistance. I’m concerned some of my relationships won’t weather the metamorphosis and I falter, triggered by old wounds and the fear of rejection fuelled self-annihilation.

Looking back, I was forever lost and sought solid ground through my interactions with others. In adulthood I’m appreciating a seismic shift in my functioning. Through anchoring myself inwards, I’ve learnt I can do hard things. And on the days where I can’t, I’ll retreat awhile and seek solace in the comfort afforded by these cocoon-like pockets.

14 thoughts on “pocket love

  1. You can fit a small child in each of those there pockets! Hang in there my friend, all the strength you need is right there within you. You just have to dare to find it and be the warrior you know you can be. xxx

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    1. You totally could Jillian! Thank you for those kind and thoughtful words. Sometimes life is just so bloody exhausting but it’s good to know you can do hard things when you have to isn’t it. Xx


  2. Wow! As a pocket lover even I admit I have never made pockets that big… it is now on my ‘to do’ list. I like the idea that they can be used to shelter from the world, especially after such a terrible week.
    Love your dress and I am in full support of your horror of gathering x

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    1. They are truly the biggest pockets I’ve ever encountered Kate! I will wear it as security blanket on days when I could so with some pocket love. Can totally see you in this not so little number xx


  3. I do love big pockets although in my case I think I am always hoping to find a tin of sweets down there or some surprise! (or the horror of a forgotten pen) – love that dress and it looks so great on you and some very nifty finishes there
    I can understand the running – it used be a great way for me to balance the body and mind and I am sorry I dont run so much any more (its plays hell with rosecea) and last month I was way overwhelmed (big red face and all) so just took out my crochet hook (which tends to get me to focus as its only ever one stitch) but not before I bought three sewing machines, sold two and managed to secure a builder to fix our kitchen in june – but all is now calm again…..love those coordinating socks , you really mix pattern well. best of luck for the coming days, I always get rather upbeat when the clocks change

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  4. Thank you as always Eimear. It’s a full on pocket fest!! Glad you like it – it’s a lovely make apart from the gathering which I hate. You sound like you’ve been super busy and industrious. Hope your rosecea is calmed now and glad you have your crochet to keep you in the moment. I’m doing good… Got a whole summers worth of projects planned and a new coat/jacket pattern too, so I’m going to be occupied for the forseable. And yes, the lighter nights are very welcome 🙂

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  5. Those pockets have set off a metaphorical response. It reminds me of ‘can’t live in each others pockets’, which could be taken as a licence to play the field in relationships or an acknowledgement that finding joy in ourselves, other people or activities is important. For me those pockets signify a place to keep all that is most precious to me. There will always be room for another opportunity to live there or another kindred spirit to look and see if they fit in there. And the dress is beautiful!

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  6. I knew you would indulge yourself in a bit of word play Terri – Those huge pockets are ripe for a symbolic word dance! I’m sure I’m drawn to them for their comfort value as well as their practical usage. And I’m so glad you like the dress – it’s crazy old dame stylings now ALL THE WAY! Lots of love 🙂 xx


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