is that all there is?

I had a lot of fun with this month’s Minerva make (yes ‘fun’ is a word that sometimes enters my vocabulary, just not the ‘organised’ kind).

Full deets over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. And here are the visuals of some gems from Butterick 5368:

Travel Sewing Kit

Remnants used – indigo blue denim and cotton poplin dress fabric

Wall organiser

Remnants used – black stretch denim

Pressing Ham

Remnants used – indigo blue denim and cotton poplin dress fabric

4 thoughts on “is that all there is?

  1. Someone once told me not to draw attention to my mistakes because no-one else will notice them but I find I feel more comfortable with them if I get it off my chest! I had a bias binding ‘issue’ this weekend on an armhole facing which I’ve just mentioned to my colleagues – as if they will ever be inspecting my underarms! On a separate issue – I’m thinking of making a tailor’s ham, where did you buy your sawdust? I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before but I can’t remember!


  2. HA! I know exactly what you mean – I just don’t feel like I’m being authentic if I’m not uber transparent which means people get to know shit about me they really don’t need to know! I would happily inspect that armhole facing but you are safe for now. As for the sawdust I got it super cheaps from Wilkinsons. I did toy with the idea of making and selling them but stuffing was such a palaver I lost that motivation. Look forward to seeing yours 🙂 x


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