sew your style

I’ve kept my spin on the Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt under wraps for a while now, waiting for it to hit the newsstand.  And stop the press, it just has!

Merchant & Mills - The Dress Shirt

Thanks to Minerva Crafts for the pattern and this glorious cotton poplin. For the full write up, have a squint below or invest in a copy of next month’s Sewing World magazine 🙂


3 thoughts on “sew your style

  1. Oh what a delight this is! I’m so cheered by the fact that you’ve stayed true to yourself and made the shirt dress your style – and its beautiful, as it’s wearer, it’s perfectly you. The fabric you’ve chosen is inspired and congratulations on getting your review published too X Josie

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    1. What lovely words for you to write and me to read Josie. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and comment. Adjusting patterns is still a big thing for me and deviating from a Merchant and Mills classic felt a bit naughty. But I’ve chopped enough sleeves off by now to know they are (in the main) not my thing. I’m pleased with the fabric and pattern together and I’m glad you agree X

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