begin again

A joyous start to the making year as I edge towards my daily uniform of choice – new blog post over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

13 thoughts on “begin again

    1. HA! That was a glaring omission not attributing that stitch to you – I should always accompany it with the your copyright 🙂 Waistband is gold innit – I see the future filled with these waistbands. Thank you lovely stitch sister Xx


    1. I know you think I’ve gone all next level sewing knits but I promise you, this is all well within your capabilities. It’s a ponte roma which is really stable so you pretty much sew it as a woven. And I didn’t use an overlocker on this one either. The unzipped waistband is fab innit! So much love and thank you! xxx

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  1. Ah, I love the ethos of beginning again another day and maybe needed to read this after an attempt at an indie has left me feeling hideous a few weeks ago. The sewjo has taken a good kicking as a result. I’ve been mulling over whether to speak of my experience or not and decided the latter as it’s mostly about the journey isn’t it with sewing and not the destination? I’m feeling a new Marcy T may soothe though this coming spring, perhaps a tried and tested though just in case I put the final nail in! haha! Thanks for sharing your making journey, as always it resonates. Enjoy your weekend and hope the knitting is going well X Josie

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    1. Ahh it’s always lovely to hear from you Josie and I’m sorry you really been feeling a bit demotivated. I know you’ll come back stronger than ever though as I recognise a fighting spirit and determination in you. I’ve hit a bit of a physical and emotional wall and am taking a month off social media to go within and gain some solid footing. I don’t want to disappear altogether as I’ve made some lovely connections in that space but I want to approach it in a different way. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to when I emerge on the other side – maybe the blizzard will have subsided by then – physically and metaphorically ) Xx

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      1. Aimee, I wish you the very best cocooning and the most beneficial quiet time. Your energies will become more replete I’m certain of it being kind to yourself and not being drained by the outer world. It’s a very busy place is social media, I find it a bit overwhelming at times, quite draining emotionally yet it does give lovely benefits of finding a few kindred folks and gentle souls amongst all the noise. I look forward to your emergence Aimee, and in the meantime take very good care of yourself petal and thanks always for your kindness to me X Josie

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    2. What a lovely message Josie – thank you very much. I agree totally about the benefits of like minded souls – but yes, the noise can be deafening at times and I do need to restrict myself to short periods of time engaging with it, as it’s all to easy for be to become sucked into being ‘on’ all the time. Thanks again Xx

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  2. I love your writing – musings on life as you create. The skirt is amazing, I think of jersey/knits as either tight fitting or loose fitting, amazed at the structure here. I’m often having to start again with creative projects or life goals. Enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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    1. Also agree with your comment above about social media. I really struggle with it tbh, I often retreat away but the sharing aspect like here is the positive side, I just need to get the balance right !!

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    2. Thank you – that was a lovely message for me to read. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I sometimes wonder if there really is value in a blog about ‘thoughts whilst sewing’ and then someone kindly reminds me there is 🙂 X


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