A new blog post over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network about taking time out and my new favourite apron dress  – Simplicity 8230.


9 thoughts on “standstill

  1. Firstly Aimee, I wish you all good things right now and hope you have some time off over Easter to recharge. I always find something that I relate to in your posts and this one is no exception. I’m loving your pared back aesthetic, it makes YOU shine. It sounds like a really enjoyable make and one that you need when your energies are depleted too. Glad you got to grips with the chambray, it’s got the perfect drape for your pinafore. Although I am fickle with the rainbow I do love blue! I’ve lost a bit of confidence to post about my making on IG and am feeling a bit swamped by both it and me, so have logged out for a bit whilst I reappraise. I like posting about nitty gritty of making so will use my blog a bit more for that as I’m sure I’m excessively wordy on IG anyway and I’m more interested in process than product. Have a lovely weekend X


    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes Josie. I have had a frazzled few months – just over busy and not enough time for stillness. I’ve got that now though and have dialled everything right back. I totally know what you mean about instagram and I think taking time out is a very good thing. I was feeling obliged to support everyone and comment on their posts as they do on mine but it becomes a chore rather than a treat. So I’ve decided to dip in and out without obligation and see where that takes me. I love the fact that you are more interested in process than product and I think that makes what you post about so much more relevant and interesting. As you’ve probably gathered I’m most interested in the thoughts I have whilst creating and how I make sense of my life whilst making things. I’m probably more suited to blogging in this endeavour too but I do value the connections i’ve made over on Instagram, so I haven’t taken myself off altogether. I hope you have a lovely Easter break X

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  2. Love the pinefore, it’s denim what’s not to love 💙. As a novice sewist I’m always in awe of others makes 😊. I had an enforced cyber break during December due to internet/data issues which gave me food for thought, I’ve struggled with Instagram as it’s quite peopley, busy and loud, I felt I didn’t have anything to add so i deleted my account permanently. Im trying to simplify everything, cut back on the clutter and noise of life. I hope you have some time and space to energise. X

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    1. It’s all about denim isn’t it! Thank you for the kind words and completely get your perspective on the busyness of social media and wanting to simplify things. I’m really drawn to minimalism and the idea of things being both beautiful and functional – if something doesn’t serve you I think it’s very wise to step away. I have a few weeks off work which is very welcome – I hope you enjoy the break 🙂 x


    1. So glad you like it Terri – it’s a lovely little number isn’t it! And it seems I just can’t get enough of denim or the colour blue. If it ain’t broke! Look forward to seeing you very soon. Remember to have a think for anything you want to pick up from Abakhan 🙂 X


      1. Yes I’m having a big think. There is an Abakan near me in Bolton but it doesn’t have the great range and choice as the one in Manchester. See you very soon. Big love. X

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  3. What a lovely dress, Aimee. You really have a way with cutting though the superfluous to create something that is just you. The simplicity of your fabric choice has a magic all of its own. I have really been struggling to balance work, blogging and IG so appreciate your paired down approach. Sometimes we need to take a step back just for ourselves. Xx

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 It’s an ongoing challenge for me to find balance and not get lost in all the noise and momentum in this digital age. I’m trying to pick out the good stuff and let the rest fall away. I hope you get some time out and the chance to recalibrate over the holidays x


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