tedious and brief

My latest blog post for Minerva is now live – hop over to their blogger network for musings on yoga, shit town and sewing.

4 thoughts on “tedious and brief

  1. I think it’s good to try something new but equally to have enough self awareness to let go and move on if it’s not working.

    I love the shape of the skirt, Wendy is a very talented designer.


    1. She is super talented isn’t she! And yes it’s taken me decades to accept that it’s more than fine to try things on for size and walk away if the fit isn’t right (ashtanga!). Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂 X


  2. I often wonder how designers like Wendy come up with new ideas but the ones you’ve made were made for you. Saw your finished cardigan on Instagram which will sit well with a lot of your makes. You have a capsule thing going on. I have a cardigan similar to yours but with sleeves. It was a charity shop Marks and Spencer new with tags with some unusual detailing. I’ll wear it on our next meet. X

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    1. I know – the designs are so ingenious aren’t they and I agree – these are perfectly suited to me. I am becoming a lot more capsule in my approach and I really like the synergy of it all 🙂 Look forward to meeting up soon and seeing your cardigan 🙂 X


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