My latest blog post for Minerva is now live over on their blogger network. Hop over for musings on knitting, sewing up the Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore and the threads that weave us together.

9 thoughts on “guts

  1. Firstly I love the pinefore, the insides are beautiful something I’m aspiring to with sewing but not yet achieved! I adore the pop of colour with the button detail too.
    Secondly, unfortunately we don’t arrive on the planet with an instruction book of how to do life, we are constantly growing and evolving, learning about ourselves and each other, I’ve come to the conclusion you let go, you grow, rinse and repeat.
    Your writing is refreshingly honest and thought provocating. x

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    1. Thank you so much – I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out. Taking care of the insides of my garments is a pretty new thing for me – my early sews were very bish, bash, bosh! But I’ve figured I don’t need endless garments and I’d rather craft timeless pieces I’m proud of from the inside out. You are so right about the instruction manual – I’m a big fan of that quote from Pema Chodron about things coming together and falling apart. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment – I really appreciate it X


      1. I had to Google that quote as I haven’t heard it before. My sewing has been hit and miss the things I like to wear I can’t make (not got the skills yet) so it’s a slow journey. I always feel inspired by your makes 🙂

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    2. That’s a lovely thing for me to read – thank you. And slow journeys are often the best 🙂 I’ve crashed and burned with quick fixes so many times and am now happy to be in the crawl lane X


  2. Such a gorgeous make and I am as ever so in awe of your lovely sewing and writing. Buttonholes are such a thing… I found many ways (some good as hook and eyes and some awful – velcro – dont go there) to avoid them in the past and eventually just got used to doing them. A handy little number is the 1960s singer buttonholer which makes 5 distinct types and has a ‘dye’ inside for each. They look a bit OTT but will fit fine with your Jones machine (handy that they work on the straight stitch). I cant knit but can crochet. There is something so wonderful about how calming crochet is for me-I was taught to crochet after my Dad died and it really helped me as all I had to do was concentrate on one stitch or let my mind wander. Even now if I am in a fix, I will crochet for a bit!

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  3. Hello! And thank you for such lovely words Eimear 🙂 I haven’t had this dress off since I made it – it definitely feels like my uniform of choice and I see many more on the horizon. I just had a look at that vintage buttonholer you mentioned and it’s a real beauty. Unfortunately my Jones is beyond repair and I upgraded to a Janome a while back. I really need to overcome my fear / laziness and have a practise session with the buttonhole function. It’s funny how different crafts come into our life at a time that is right for us. I can well understand crochet having that effect on you. Knitting has been the same for me and has been such a therapeutic refuge for me this year. I also love how the knitting garments bring my handmade wardrobe together. Lovely to hear from you and I hope all is well in your lovely new abode.

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