where is my mind?

‘If I sew in my own home and social media is not around to witness, are the products of my endeavours still valid?’ Reflections on #ScrollFreeSeptember and the Renfrew Tee are now here on the the Minerva Craft Blogger Network.


8 thoughts on “where is my mind?

  1. I love the whole outfit! What an achievement so many lovely me-mades :).also loving the pixies reference :). Selfishly I wish you’d write about your knitty adventures here 😉

    I think social media breaks are essential – it can get too noisy and sometimes you need to follow less people. Ive read a lot recently about mental health and social media, but also there are positives such as the communities which dont always exist in real life! As you said the connections.


    1. Thank you! It did feel like a bit of a milestone when I realised I’d handmade my whole outfit. And thank you for the interest in my writing – when I started blogging I was full of enthusiasm but three years on and I can sometimes see the writing as a chore (even though it’s where I feel the most creative). I did think about writing about my knits but it just feels too much like hard work and knitting has become my refuge and time out from the world:) I completely agree about the communities created on social media and that’s why I stay around – I just need to work on being more disciplined in my usage – it doesn’t come naturally!!


      1. Unfortunately social.media apps are designed to keep you there clicking on scrolling!! I just read the other comments here, why not look at writers forems, there used to be a writers challenge in November I can’t remember what’s it called though!!! Maybe just keep writing publicly or privately, when you feel like it.

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    2. So true – the whole medium is designed to keep us locked in so it’s not surprising so many of us struggle with finding a middle way. Thank you very much for the writing tips – I will think about it some more and continue using this space as a way to practise my prose and connect with others such as yourself 🙂 X


  2. Fabulous individually and put together. You goal was to make all your own clothes and you’ve not only succeeded in that but made them all look like a piece of art. Your writing also will have inspired so many people. I particularly like the piece ‘life’ where you revisited your childhood at your uncle’s funeral. You must have written a book with your musings on philosophy and it’s a joy to read. X

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    1. Thank you very much! I went back to read that post and I think it’s the best thing I’ve written. I do think about writing more but I haven’t a clue how to do anything other than these small pieces and the clothes making gives me a way in. I would like to write something about sobriety though so we’ll see if I manage to venture any further than this medium 🙂


  3. I have to agree on that. Most new writers start with their story. Your appreciation of the tortured soul he must have become and the recognition of his devotion to all of us had me in tears. Your/our story is a film that no one could make up. Your making and writing is full of love and compassion. X

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