A new blog post over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network about writing, making, and feeling all the things.

6 thoughts on “undercover

    1. Hello my lovely – thank you kindly 🙂 Blue has definitely become my colour of choice these days. I’m busily knitting another cowl right now for a friend’s birthday. Hope you are well petal. X


  1. Beautiful combinations going on there and you did say you wanted a hand made wardrobe. All such vivid matching blues as well. I will be seeing them in person very soon. X

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  2. I love the outfit, I think sewing is too precise for me – I just don’t have the patience – I’m in awe of those who sew their own clothes. You have a very unique and definitive style, I love colours you put together :). I think there is more understanding that health just isn’t physical.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely words and taking the time to read my own. I think you are right that times are changing and there is more of an understanding of the internal rather than just the external. I want to be part of increasing awareness instead of hiding away which means quite a radical change in mindset. Small steps 🙂 X


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