i’m every woman, it’s all in me

Chaka couldn’t have been more on the money when it comes to my non-standard body shape. I’m an off the peg ten, twelve and fourteen and lets not even talk about how that translates to pattern measurement charts. Which is one of the reasons I will be regularly toiling it up when it comes to testing out a new pattern. Another is calico. I’m all over it like a rash and will be using it for final creations, never mind test pieces.

I started a Fashion and Dressmaking evening course back in September at Hillsborough College and am a bit late to the party when it comes to documenting my progress. However, sharing my adventures in stitch back then, would have been as tortuous for you as it was for me. It’s only now that I’m starting to see the fruits of my labour and moving from samples to actual garments, albeit in calico.

My fellow student and sister in stitch Angela, aka Twinkle, has been blogging her sewing adventures for some time now. Inspired by her and my dear friend Nik, I’m dipping my own toes in the water. A record of my progress and a place to share with family, friends and fellow stitchers. I have a grand plan involving my predilection for wrong dolls, to make clothes worthy of a lindy hop dance floor.  But right now I’m taking it step by step.